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KES the Band – Where Yuh From


Caribbean’s Next Top Model is here! Stay tuned for updates and check your local listings to see exact show times of our broadcast partners. The journey has begun.

Can our island beauties keep it together as Wendy and her team of regional and international fashion pundits put them through their paces? 

Who will become  Caribbean’s Next Top Model? 

Who will be on Top?


CNTM Episode 9 Recap

Caribbean's Next Top Model  thanks all of our loyal fans for your support, comments and participation in our promotions.  Our show finale airs on Monday, May 27th.  Below is our recap... Read More »

CNTM Episode 8 Recap

CNTM's episode 8 was packed with shock and awe, forcing the finalists to "be on top of their game". For the first challenge, the girls put their fashion knowledge... Read More »

CNTM Episode 7 Recap

In CNTM's episode 7, the finalists were introduced to the art of acting. With the help of guest judge, actor and music producer, Bryce Wilson, their first challenge forced... Read More »

CNTM Midseason Recap

From 23 Caribbean beauties' television cast to Wendy Fitzwilliam's big network debut, here's a closer look at the New Year’s strongest series in the region.  CaribNTM, Inc. and Blue... Read More »

CNTM Episode 6 Recap

In the mid season premiere of CNTM, the finalists participated in the most trying challenges yet.  The competition began as the girls met up with stylist, fashion designer and... Read More »

CNTM Episode 5 Recap

CNTM is halfway through the season and there is no holding back!  This week comfort levels were tested to an extreme. To begin, the model hopefuls were given the chance... Read More »

CNTM Episode 4 Recap

In the fourth episode of Caribbean's Next Top Model the girls were warned that this week, they'd have to put their best foot forward.  In the first challenge, the... Read More »

CNTM Episode 3 Recap

This week on Caribbean's Next Top Model, the competition began as the ten finalists met up with Crystal Cunningham (the face of Chi) and guest judge and fashion designer,... Read More »

Ball Out! – Rihanna Officially Launches Her River Island Collection

Rihanna has officially launched her River Island collection in London. The super star unveiled her designs at the River Island store on Oxford Street this evening and it was full... Read More »

CNTM Episode 2 Recap

In the second episode of Caribbean's Next Top Model, viewers witnessed an unexpected twist as Rachel opted to leave the competition.  The surprises continued as the contestants learned that... Read More »

CNTM Premiere Episode Recap

The season premier of Caribbean’s Next Top Model introduced viewers to the 23 finalists from the show’s casting process.  After meeting celebrity host and fashion photographer, Pedro Virgil, the... Read More »

Designer Spotlight – “Antilia”

With Trinidad and Tobago's famed Carnival 2013 now gone viral, it only seems appropriate to feature costume design label Antilia as our first designer profile.  If you're not already... Read More »

CNTM – Trinidad Carnival

As we are in the midst of the Trinidad and Tobago Carnival Season, the CNTM Team wishes everyone a safe, exciting and enjoyable Carnival for everyone who is participating... Read More »

Caribbean’s Next Top Model – The Blog!

Welcome to CNTM's official blog!  Visit this page for the latest in Caribbean fashion and trends as well as up to the moment access to CNTM updates.  Have a... Read More »

Fashion Talk!

Here you can find all of our updates and fashion notes. We will include tips and tricks and inside fashion information from the shows as we go along. Are you ready to be beautified and accessorized?

CNTM Design Profile: House of Jaipur

The 'Final Four' were draped in beautiful saris courtesy of the House of Jaipur, which is owned and managed by Dhisha Moorjani (pictured). Photographer,...

CNTM Guest Model Profile: Bianca Golden

Firecracker Bianca Golden appeared on episode 8 of Caribbean's Next Top Model. In addition to administering a challenge to the 'Final Four', she also doled...

CNTM Guest Judge: Bryce Wilson

Prior to making us swoon in his turn as a guest judge on Caribbean's Next Top Model, Bryce Wilson has held several titles in...


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